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Friends of Vervets
The guide is split into three sections namely Residential, Public and Commercial.

Each section has been designed to highlight the best methods in which not to attract vervet monkeys in each scenario. Helping us all live with this clever, but threatened primate.
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Living with vervet monkeys - Residential info Living with vervet monkeys - Public info Living with vervet monkeys - Commercial info
Vervets have the natural ability to climb all manner of objects, jump tall fences and traverse obstacles. Over a period of many years, and as their habitats began to diminish, troops of Vervet monkeys became more and more exposed to their human cousins, man. The city can provide a troop with adequate food, water, and a playground but is a dangerous and unnatural place to call home.

To compound the problem, monkeys fascinate humans so as soon as contact is made with them, we begin to befriend them by offering a variety of delicious and interesting things for them to eat. Over time monkeys can lose their inherent fear of people and begin to interact with us, as we in turn interact with them. Consequently, people living next to or in natural areas start to experience more and more incidents with monkeys.